Charity Efforts

My Jamaican Tour Guide’s History Of Giving Back

Since our very inception in 2014, My Jamaican Tour Guide has been vested in the development of Jamaica and facilitating assistance for the less fortunate. Having branched off from Jamaica International Projects (JIPVOL); Jamaica’s number 1 volunteer travel organization, we know a thing or 2 about helping travelers give back. We have helped hundreds of volunteers, students and interns go into poor communities to lend their efforts and talents by working with locals in safe, yet impactful projects.

We are so invested in giving back, that we automatically grant all our volunteers from JIPVOL a 10% discount off all My Jamaican Tour Guide excursions, as a reward for their dedication. That’s not all though, as we donate 10% of the proceeds from all bookings on My Jamaican Tour Guide and JIPVOL to our volunteer partners.

Giving Back In Jamaica My Jamaican Tour Guide
Giving Back In Jamaica WIth My Jamaican Tour Guide

Join Us In Giving Back

Volunteer For A Day

You may notice that we offer several 1-day volunteer adventures on our website. These experiences are created for travelers looking to do the best they can to give back within an 8-hour time frame while diving neck deep into the Jamaican culture. Our projects run in a wide range of fields, such as child care, sports, construction, medical outreach, animal care, human rights and much more. For the full list visit our 1-day volunteer adventure page.


Take Donations With You

Whether you are booking a 1-day volunteer adventure or not, if you desire to give back then we recommend that you take along an extra suitcase of donations with you. We have a list of resources that all our volunteer partners need so you can inform us of the project you would like to make donations to, and we will send you the list.


Return To Jamaica As A Full Fledge Volunteer

Chances are if you book a 1-day excursion with us, you already have your travel plans set for Jamaica. If this is the case, then you can always book a full volunteer program with Jamaica International Projects to return to Jamaica and do some serious volunteer work. These projects run as little as 1 week up to 3 months so you may stay for as long as you wish. You may also book other projects such as internships, study abroad projects, corporate programs, gap year trips, and volunteer vacations.

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