MJTG Discounts

At My Jamaican Tour Guide, we love giving discounts to our fine clients! We have multiple types of discounts that we offer to ensure that our private tours are affordable.


Add-On Discounts

While booking a tour, you will have the option to choose from several add-ons to enhance your experience. These add-ons include photographer services, drinks packages, snorkeling gear, additional tours, and much more. By booking an additional tour as an add-on, you will get that tour at a greatly reduced price.

For example, if you book the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston as your main tour, you can book Devon House or Port Royal City tour as add-ons for the same day, for a much lower cost than you would have paid had you booked those 3 tours individually.


Group Rates

We have a standard group rate for all our tours, so the more people that book a tour, the lower the cost will be. The tiers for group discounts are as follow:

2 people – 15% off
3-9 people – 25% off
10 and over – 50% off

So, if you are booking a solo tour, check to see if you can create your own mini-tour group or get at least another person to tag along so you can get the tour for a discounted price.


Multi Tour Discounts

Once you book a tour, you will qualify for a multi-tour discount of 10%. This simply means that if you book 2 or more tours, you will get a 10% discount off your total.

Example: If you book the Negril Highlights tour and Dolphin Cove Tour for $500 USD, you will receive a $50 USD discount off your total.


Referrals/Repeat Customers

For our tour partners, travel agents or satisfied clients who spread the good word about our tours and get others to book, then both yourself and the parties that you help book can earn between 10-20% discount off all tours you book, or the value in a commission.

If you are a past client and you return to do more tours or bookings in Jamaica, you will receive this 10% discount as well.

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