A Blast In Kingston

We spent a total of two weeks in Jamaica, and the days in Kingston with My Jamaican Tour Guide was the best time ever!

Jomo and his driver Dwayne took us to see most parts of Kingston, shopping malls, markets, the Port Royal, and we also drove thru the ghetto, New Kingston, and by the Bob Marley museum. Jomo’s Mother, Mrs. Barnett served us homecooked Jamaican cuisine. She is a lovely lady.

The Bacchanal party was a blast! We were dancing for several hours to the soca music. Jamaicans can really party, and dance!

Katis My Jamaican Tour Guide
Kattis Ostman
Bacchanal/Kingston Highlights

Perfect Visit to Kingston

We meet Jomo on his internet site and he gave us a really nice time in Kingston and showed us the whole Kingston with his driver Dwayne.

We wouldn’t have been able to see as much as we did if it weren’t for those two guys.

I strongly recommend Jomo for your guide to visit Jamaica and Kingston.

Magnus My Jamaican Tour Guide
Magnus Hardin
Bacchanal/Kingston Highlights

Amazing, Incredible, A Life-Changing Experience

During my time in Jamaica with My Jamaican Tour Guide, I have had a very enjoyable time. The excursions gave us an authentic vision and experience in Jamaica. The food was amazing and nobody ever went away hungry, and whenever we needed to buy lunch we were always given plenty of options for food. Jomo Barnett was an amazing guide and support during our time in Jamaica.

Emily Solloway
Volunteer Vacation

A Fantastic Two Weeks!

We spent two weeks in Jamaica alternating between painting bedrooms at a children home and exploring Jamaica through excursions. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

Emily Hunt
Volunteer Vacation

Incredible Authentic Experience

A fantastic first experience of Jamaica! The excursions were well thought out and gave a real authentic experience of the country. One of the best trips I’ve ever done, and I am so impressed with every aspect of the tours

Holly My Jamaican Tour Guide
Holly Emmerson
Volunteer Vacation


It was the most wonderful experience! The excursions were lovely and really immersed us in the culture of Jamaica.

Saffy Truman
Volunteer Vacation

Exciting, Extraordinary Experience

The excursions were amazing! Having Jermaine for photos on some excursions was great and super useful. The whole experience has been incredible and I’m really sad it has come to an end. Jomo is the best!!

Grace Groves
Volunteer Vacation

A Fantastic Experience With Memories That I Will Share Back Home And That Will Stay With Me Forever

We have had an amazing two weeks in Jamaica. It has been a full programme and a good mix of volunteering at the children’s home, plus visiting different attractions around the island. Our sightseeing days were long and busy days, but there was so much to see and do – from climbing waterfalls to swimming in the sea to visiting a plantation. Thanks for the great experience.

Jo Ross
Volunteer Vacation

Amazing Trip, Amazing Experiences. MYJATG The Best For Jamaica

This has been a fabulous trip, 18 months planning resulted in our having as near as perfect experience as possible. The excursions were amazing and all of it was made possible by the fantastic attention to detail by the wonderful Jomo.

Joanne Lambert
Girlguiding Leader/ Volunteer Vacation